Wesley Girls

We began as a group of women with young school children. Today we are a diverse group of women who worship at Wesley:  some are young, some are middle aged, some have children, some do not, some are single, some are married while some are divorced or separated and for some of us, the children have left home!  

Wesley Girls is a social group that caters for anyone who is interested in a relaxed and informal gathering without formal structure. But be prepared for surprises.  Sometimes instead of having a coffee and a chat, we might have a pool night, or a fancy dress theme, an opportunity to share a favourite recipe or we may run a fundraising drive for charity. And occasionally, just occasionally we might include our life partners and children (if applicable).

The activities depend upon the membership and what volunteers wish to arrange.  Let’s be clear, talking and relaxing, in a home or in a café is the most common activity. So when do we meet?  Officially, it is the 1st Friday night of every month.  The reality is that we are all busy and this date often is changed according to necessity by the organiser. And, as the date rushes around very quickly, it is usually announced at short notice via email. 

So, if you are interested in coming along to these gatherings, contact the office on 5229 8866, and we will soon put you on the mailing list so that you get the information as it is published. Do not feel that you are signing a contract or making a commitment by giving us your details (We will remove you promptly if you request us to do so.)

We are all busy and understand that you do not want another commitment. Some of the girls attend every time; some once a year. We are VERY relaxed. We would love to hear from you and see you at our next get together. Come on and join the Wesley Girls!